Landlord Guide

Landlord Guide

Here at Harris & Co, we pride ourselves on letting properties. We believe we are one of the largest lettings agents in Fleetwood, being established in 1995 we have fine-tuned our services giving the best possible service to you. We have several other products to make your experience as hands on, or hands off as you like. Rest assured when renting through us we have the correct and relevant certification.

We only do a full standard management service compared to most other agents. This is because we care, We don’t want to just find a suitable tenant and move on we want to be there for you. We have devised a landlord guide to help you out if you want to go it alone.

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Our Full Standard Management

  • Rental Valuation & Inspection 
  • Advice to landlords on furnishings, health and safety issues and any maintenance recommendations. 
  • Advertising & Marketing your property on our State of the Art website, , emailing and sms message details to all potential applicants.
  • Landlord portal login to keep you updated.
  • We accompany all viewings wherever possible 
  • Extensive referencing of tenants who wish to rent your property,
  • Home Visits
  • Preparation of the tenancy agreement/s. 
  • A professionally prepared detailed inventory of contents and condition.
  • Collection of initial rent and deposit.  (Client Money Protection & Tenancy Deposit Scheme Certificates)
  • Setting up standing order mandate for future rent subject to tenancy commencing
  • A professionally prepared detailed inventory of contents and condition.
  • Arranging maintenance / Repairs
  • Regular House Inspections
  • Dealing with day to day tenant problems that arise.
  • Transfer of utility including council tax and water.
  • Closing inspection and check out at end of tenancy including meter reads.
  • Organising return of deposit subject to the property being returned in a satisfactory condition.
  • Look to find suitable new tenants prior to expiry of the existing tenancy.
  • Start the full process again


A detailed inventory and check-in report protects landlords and tenants alike, providing an accurate description of the condition and contents of a property at the start of a tenancy. 

The condition of the property and its contents at the end of the tenancy is then compared back to this report in the form of a check-out report. The inventory clerk will also provide an opinion on whether any damage that has arisen during the tenancy is attributable to the tenants, to fair wear and tear or to the landlord as required maintenance. 

It is in a landlord's interest to ensure that inventories are prepared for properties that they own. In the worst case scenario, should you end up in court, the judge will tend to look more favourably on an impartial, unbiased inventory prepared by a third party unconnected to either the landlord or the tenants. Inventories prepared by landlords could be viewed as biased and one-sided. 

An inventory is of the property condition, furniture and fittings and effects will be prepared by the landlord, or an independent person instructed by the landlord prior to the tenancy commencing. The tenancy is checked and agreed between the tenant and the landlord at the tenancy commencement. 

Consent to Let

For a lot of landlords renting out your own home and getting permission from your lender is what is referred to as obtaining a Consent to let. Typically, if you have a mortgage on the property and it is not a buy-to-let mortgage, your lender may insist on providing you with a consent to let before you can rent out your is normal for mortgagees to require notification of any proposed lettings and the landlord should seek their initial consent.

In the case of leasehold premises the consent of the Head Lessee of Freeholder will be required. The landlord should also advise his insurance company of the proposal to let the property as this could either invalidate the insurance altogether or increase the premiums. You should obtain written documentation of these consents prior to letting.


From the day a tenant moves into the property and signs the documents they will be responsible for the payment of gas, electricity, water, telephone, council tax and television licence. (Unless otherwise agreed and stated).

We would advise that you notify the correct utilities of a new tenant who is responsible for the bills.

As the landlord you are still responsible for the payment of service charges and ground rent in leasehold properties and buildings insurance on Freehold properties.

Tenancy Agreements

On the day when your tenancy begins, you will be required to sign a tenancy agreement, the agreement outlines both tenant and landlord obligations. 

Our tenancy runs for a minimum of 6 months as an assured short hold tenancy, After this point, they will be rolling until you do not wish to renew your agreement for a further period and It is important you note that the agreement is made between landlord and tenant, we act for the landlord only. 

By legal requirement we will issue you with the following along with the tenancy agreement; Gas Safety Certificate, Electrical Certificate, How to Rent guide, Tenancy Deposit Certificate & EPC.

Legal Matters

The legislation changes all the time for both Landlord & Tenants, the most recent one being ‘Client Money Protection’ and ‘Tenancy fee ban’ which are the most recent acts that have been passed. This protection you more and makes properties more affordable for the applicants, However some agent may put this cost onto you.

The agents job between Landlord and Tenant can sometimes have its "Highs" and "Lows" and the need for a professional agent is paramount to make a smooth transition. They are also there to advise both parties of the next steps.

Rest assured renting through ourselves, you will be in safe hands and safe in the knowledge we have all the correct certification to keep you safe!